1. May I purchase an individual plan if I live in another state during part of the year?
  2. May I keep my New Jersey individual plan if I become Medicare eligible?
  3. If I waive coverage under Medicare, may I purchase an individual plan?
  4. To what age can my children be covered as a dependent on my individual plan?
  5. Can I purchase an individual plan if I am eligible for coverage under COBRA or NJ Continuation?
  6. If I have group coverage may I purchase an individual plan?
  7. Can I be eligible for individual coverage if I don't have a social security number?
  8. How many months of prior credible coverage is required so I will not be subject to pre-existing conditions?
  9. What is a "federally defined eligible individual"?
  10. Are rates locked-in for any length of time?
  11. Can I change to another individual plan whenever I want during the year?
  12. If I elect an HMO plan will I have coverage outside of New Jersey?
  13. What if I am not satisfied with the level of benefits provided under the plan I selected?
  14. What is the pre-existing condition limitation?
  15. What is considered to be "credible coverage"?
  16. What is "MOOP" maximum out of pocket?
  17. What does Pre-Approval mean?
  18. Do any individual plans have coverage for infertility?
  19. Can a plan be purchased for children only?
  20. I am pregnant but currently have no coverage. Can I get an individual plan?
  21. What is the Annual Open Enrollment Period?
  22. What I need to know about Replacing Coverage?
  23. What is a Special Enrollment Period?
  24. What is The Health Insurance Marketplace?

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