1. What is the NJ Small Employer Health Benefits Program Act?
  2. Can I purchase small group coverage if I am a self-employed husband and wife with no other employees?
  3. Does the employer have to contribute a certain amount of premium?
  4. Am I required by law to provide health benefits for my employees?
  5. How does a carrier determine the rates for my group?
  6. Will my rates change if I deal directly with the insurance carrier instead of using a broker?
  7. What is an employee?
  8. Do I include employees from other companies that I own?
  9. When is an employer subject to the Medicare Secondary Provision (TEFRA/DEFRA)?
  10. When is an employer subject to COBRA?
  11. Am I required to cover a certain percentage of eligible employees?
  12. Which employees can waive coverage and be credited towards the group participation requirement?
  13. Can a small employer cover part-time employees who work less than 25 hours per week?
  14. How do I know if I qualify as a small employer?
  15. Can I have different waiting periods for certain employees?
  16. Can a small employer cover part-time employees who work less than 25 hours per week?
  17. Can I offer different plans by class of employee?
  18. Is there a limit to the number of employees that can work outside of NJ?
  19. What is an Open Access POS plan?
  20. What is MOOP (Maximum Out-of-Pocket)?
  21. Must I offer continuation coverage to an employee and their dependents?
  22. Can a carrier cancel my coverage if someone covered has large claims?
  23. What is the range of deductibles that I can have?
  24. What is the range of coinsurances that I can have?
  25. What is in-network vs. out-of-network benefits?
  26. What is Dependent Under 31?
  27. What is a preexisting condition limitation?
  28. How are preexisting conditions limited for groups of 5 or fewer eligible employees?
  29. What are late enrollees?
  30. What is the annual NJ certification form?
  31. Must I notify a carrier if I am terminating my policy?
  32. What are Domestic Partners and Civil Unions?

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