Small Employer Health Reform
Update Seminar (3 CE Credits)

Speaker / Instructor
Gary V. Cupo, CLU, ChFC

Gary Cupo began his insurance career in 1973, specializing in health insurance and employee benefits. Broker/Consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies and state & national association plans and is considered one of New Jersey’s leading authorities on Small Employer Health Reform and employee benefits. He has been a featured speaker to many industry associations and is a Past State President of the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters.


  1. Reasons for Health Reform
  2. Initial Legislative Highlights
  3. Definitions
  4. Standard vs. Non-Standard Plans
  5. Small Employer Health Reform & the Players
  6. Reform Components
  7. New Jersey Continuation
  8. Community Rating
  9. Preexisting Condition Limitations
  10. Rating Factors
  11. Benefit Plan Designs
  12. Standard Plan Designs
  13. HMO Standard Benefit Plan
  14. HMO Option Benefit Plan Co-Payment
  15. Riders to Standard Plans
  16. Limitations
  17. Plan Types
  18. Standard Claim Forms
  1. New Jersey Small Employer Certification Form
  2. Annual Audit
  3. New Jersey's Buyer Guide
  4. Impact on Employees
  5. Trenton
  6. New Jersey SEH Benefits Program Advisory Bulletins
  7. HIPAA
  8. Miscellaneous Changes
  9. The Health Care Quality Act
  10. Policy Form Changes
  11. MOOPs
  12. HSA Plans
  13. MRA Plans
  14. Age 30 Dependent Law
  15. Medicare Part D
  16. Latest Updates
  17. Review
  18. Q & A

The purpose of this course is to educate the licensed health insurance producer about the history of small group health reform in New Jersey. Since the initial enactment of the law, legislative changes have been made both locally and federally. This course will update them on these changes bringing them to the current status of small group health reform in New Jersey.

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